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25 Cents, Please

A quarter gets the quick author view; my skyline.

I was six years old before I said my first words. Now, as a mother of three school-aged children, I can’t imagine how strange it must have seemed. All I knew was that inside of me the world was a very loud and very lonely place. Talking progressed slowly, but reading was easy. Books provided me with a much-needed outlet and a framework upon which to build my world. Wizards magic’d me away, little girls outran the boys and made my legs feel strong, unicorns grazed in my backyard, planets tilted, and wardrobes ruled. It was a glorious, colorful, and whimsical world!

Still, school was not a friendly place for me. By ten years old I had dropped out of school academically, by twelve years old I had dropped out of school emotionally, and by fifteen years old I had dropped out of school altogether. I worked my way through a GED, community college, and then, finally I attended university. I earned my BA in English Literature, and my MA, and my MFA in Creative Writing. Once again books, this time my own worlds, provide much-needed outlet.

My short stories and poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Vestal Review, 2(e), University Press, and f(r)iction Magazine. One of my stories, “Branching from the Willow,” was named Vestal Review Magazine’s Story of the Week, and my short story,“Masking Tape Over

My Fortunate One,” was nominated for a 2017 Pushcart Prize.

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